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  • You have never had a loan
  • You have been bankrupt
  • You have not been discharged from your bankruptcy
  • You have late payments
  • You have had an application refused by a financial institution
  • You voluntarily surrendered your previous vehicle
  • You are involved with a trustee regarding a proposal to settle your debts with creditors
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Our financing program is designed to find you the best solution regardless of your financial situation. If you need help financing your next vehicle, trust the experts at Rive-Nord Chrysler to guide you every step of the way. If you need second chance credit or a plan to restore your credit score, we provide all the details necessary to bring you on the right track. Simply fill out our online credit application and we’ll take it from there! Whether you’re looking for a new or used Chrysler vehicle, apply today and one of our agents will get back to you right away!

For affordable, efficient and worry-free vehicle financing, Rive-Nord Chrysler is your best choice. Our expertise in the field has made us leaders in automobile industry and we are motivated to upkeep our status by providing our customers an unmatched experience. With our help, comfortably affording your dream car is only a few steps away-and we are here to help you through it all. Complete our secure online form today and one of our financing agents will reach out to you very shortly!

Our team is meticulous in their work to ensure that your credit application has everything necessary to apply and get accepted for a car loan. Even complex credit applications get a break with our team at Rive-Nord Chrysler due to our second chance credit services. If ever your file is rejected, with second chance credit, we set you up with an efficient plan to give you the opportunity to restore your credit and reapply for a loan. For every problem, we’ve got a solution- that’s why we don’t reject any files!

Our experts will set you up with a plan to help adjust your financing on a longer term. This will give you the flexibility of small and easy monthly payments so that once you have completed two years of payment you will be able to refinance your loan at a lower interest rate. You’ll even be eligible to purchase a new vehicle! At Rive-Nord Chrysler, you can trust us to help restore your credit within two years and turn that dream car into a reality! Credit recovery is a big job- and a serious one. That is why it is crucial to trust professionals with this highly specialized and complex service. With our experts at Rive-Nord Chrysler in St-Jerome, you’ll be sure to re-establish your credit with an absolute peace of mind.


Filling out an auto credit request at Rive-Nord Chrysler couldn't be simpler. Simply fill out the short auto financing form on this page and optionally the long form to get an even faster approval. Once your credit request is received, you will typically be approved within 20 minutes most of the time during our opening hours. At Rive-Nord Chrysler, we offer a very personalized credit approval process. Your carloan awaits you! For an ultra-fast service, you can also apply for your car loan by phone at 450 431-3550.

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